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Avistep is a video analysis software which brings together all the tools necessary to a kinematic study.



An innovative and user-friendly marking:

Set, erase or move the marks in a non-chronological order (to correct a mistake at the beginning of the tracking, you do not need to erase everything).

- pivot the grid around to study the motions on an inclined plane.
- mark up to 32 objects simultaneously.
- simulate a tracing paper sheet to construct the trajectory of a first moving object as seen from the second one and illustrate the relativity of the movement.
- use the zoom or the magnifying glass for a marking as precise as possible.
- read the files in the .avi, .mpeg, .wmv or .mov formats

Automatic marking:

Draw by hand the outline of an object in one of the video frames and the software will look for the object in the following frames and will automatically mark its positions.

- the study of a mechanical oscillator, which required a specific recording equipment or the tedious setting of hundreds of marks, can now be made quickly with the video.


Video capture

With a webcam, a video-recorder or a TV tuner card. The videos can be compressed with the codec of your choice and saved on the hard disk in the AVI format.

Video editing

To delete a repeated frame or insert a missing frame. This is indispensable in order not to skew the results with bad quality videos. The resulting video can be compressed and saved on the hard disk in the AVI format.

- compress and save the edited video on the hard disk

Video studio

Add informations (text or drawing) on video frames or create a chronophotography.

- combine a series of images to create a chronophotography
- convert video to still image files
- convert still image files to video

Data processing

A highly capable graph-maker:

Immediately access the experimental values of the coordinates, the velocity and the acceleration of the followed objects under the shape of personalizable graphs.

- instantly model the experimental values by a straight line, a parabola, an exponential function, a sine wave – whether dampened or not (there is only one button to press).
- export the graphs to a wmf file recognized by Microsoft Word and by all drawing software. You have the possibility to dissociate and manipulate individually each element to create complex drawings.

A workshop of scientific drawing:

The velocity and the acceleration are represented as vectors. Each graphic object (vector, segment, angle, circle, arc of a circle, curve, ellipse) can be created, modified, moved and measured with the mouse.

- make vector sums and show that the acceleration characterizes the variation of the velocity vector.
- measure angles, rectilinear or curvilinear distances, velocities, accelerations ...
- draw the video image behind the graphic constructions.

An integrated spreadsheet:

The formulas do not use cell references but literal sizes to preserve their scientific meaning.

- automatic graphic representation as soon as the typing-in of a formula is validated.
- writing of the equations born of the Euler method under their natural indexed shape.
- launch Excel, Regressi or OpenOffice from a menu by automatically transferring the date to them.

Video tutorials

The videos below illustrate some of the features of Avistep 3 (version 3.5.0):


Along with the software, the help program gives you a further and more detailed vision:

See help in English

Examples of videos you can download (in the .avi format)

Some of the videos in the AVI format require that the codec Xvid be installed on your computer: K-Lite Codec Pack (basic) Study of a mechanical oscillator – ideal with the automatic marking:

Turn your video files into .avi files

Free and unlimited softwares allow you to convert numerous video formats (mov, divx, xvid, mpeg, flv, ...) to the .avi format

Quick Media Converter

RAD Video Tools

Play .mov video files

Since version 3.4.2, Avistep can play videos in .mov format. For this, the software must be coupled with external libraries.

The AvsDll folder contains FFmpeg libraries that might be subject, in some countries, to software patents. Consequently, these libraries are not directly joined to the software and must be downloaded separately and freely.

The AvsDll folder and the Avistep.exe file must be placed in the same directory (usually C:\Program Files\Avistep\ ).

Download AvsDll folder


The life of the software is marked by the release of different versions. A version often differs from the previous one by a small number of changes (certain parts of the code in the enforceable files are different, new files are added, others are deleted).

The update to the 3.5.9 version that is proposed only replaces the changed data. That is why it can only be used by those who already have the 3.0.0 version or above of Avistep.

Download English update

Trial version

The trial version that is proposed is limited to the reading of only one included video ( Rolling cylinder on a horizontal plane or Parabola ). All the other functionalities are operational.

An installation is not necessary. The help files are not joined (the help along with the software is higher on this page).

Download English trial version


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